Lets Talk About The Popularity with Virtual Reality

In the past, Virtual Reality was simply a product of the imagination. Movies such as Tron and The Matrix visually expressed the outstanding impact that a virtual reality could possibly have in the future, and how it could contribute to the enhancement or destruction of society itself. Now that the conceptual science of the VR Headset has adapted since 1838 (that’s right, 1838) it is apparent that this modern technology shows that virtual reality is a form of entertainment and it is commonly found in most households. Additionally, it can be determined that the current state of virtual reality is not threatening, it is rather innovative!

Some of the most common VR brands are the Oculus Quest, Sony Playstation VR, and the HTC Vive Cosmos. These three devices range between $200-$800 in America, depending on where the device is purchased. Here at Northern Arizona University we have VR Headsets at the Advanced Media Lab, found in the School of Communications building on campus (Room 112, Building 16). If you’re interested in this resource take a look at the lab’s highlights which demonstrates how you can book a Headset at the Cline Library. If you are involved in any of the Visual Communication and Fine Arts classes offered, chances are you might be able to experience a trip to the VR experience!

Now you know where to find them but what can you do with them? The Virtual Reality Headsets allow you to:

  • Play Games
  • Create 3-D Art
  • Attend a VR Concert
  • Workout in a Digital Studio
  • Play Digital Instruments
  • Watch a Movie with Friends

The possibilities are truly endless! Did this topic interest you today? Then make sure to check out the additional links inserted throughout the blog.